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Six dead, nearly 50,000 evacuated due to flooding in Malaysia

Six dead, nearly 50,000 evacuated due to flooding in Malaysia

At least six people have died and nearly 50,000 have been evacuated in Malaysia after monsoon rains hit the country's east coast, authorities said, causing what residents described as the worst flooding in half a century.

Authorities have stepped up rescue operations after locals complained they had to fend for themselves earlier this week.

Heavy rains continued to hit the region on Friday, increasing the number of people leaving their homes to more than 47,000, authorities said.

"I have lost everything. The water has covered my roof, ”59-year-old factory worker Tan Kong Leng told AFP with tears in his eyes.

The region experiences massive flooding and evacuations during the rainy season every year, but people in affected areas said this year is the worst in decades.

Many roads have been closed, including the main highway linking the East Coast states.

The worst affected state is Pahang, where an estimated 27,000 people have been evacuated in recent days, according to the welfare department.

In a Pahang village cut off by flooding, residents were evacuated in a bulldozer on Wednesday, while others were forced to swim in deep water.

Tan, the factory worker, and his wife took refuge in their plywood factory. They had only a few minutes to put their clothes in their car and flee to higher ground before the rapidly rising waters engulfed their home.

"I'm sad. All my accessories and accessories are destroyed. My biggest fear is that it will rain more in the next few days. Look! There are dark clouds moving quickly," he said.

In one of the worst-affected districts of Pahang, residents complained that narrow, garbage-filled drains exacerbated the flooding.

Mentakab resident Muhammad Fadzil Wahab said that he and other locals have formed their own patrol units to prevent home burglaries.

"We explored the entire flooded town at night with our small boats and flashlights," he told AFP.

"My family members are safe in the evacuation centers."

In addition to the complexity of rescue efforts, Malaysia has seen an increase in coronavirus cases, reporting its largest daily increase on Thursday.

But Fadzil said government aid has started to increase, including military ships and trucks.

"[Thank God] food, boats and medical assistance are already available," he said.

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