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PML-N rules out talks with the government on any topic

 After declaring "impracticable" the proposal of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) to present a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan, MPs from the Muslim League of Pakistan (PML-N) ruled out the possibility of holding talks with the government. on any subject and full confidence in the leadership and narrative of the supreme leader of his party, Nawaz Sharif.

Speaking informally with reporters outside the Parliament building after attending a joint meeting of the party's parliamentary groups in the National Assembly and the Senate, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz claimed that the government was "begging" before the opposition for a dialogue, but that the opposition had decided not to hold talks with him.

"You will be surprised if I tell you the details of how [government people] are asking for talks with the opposition," Ms Nawaz said in response to a question about a meeting of opposition leaders with a government team before the start of the session of the National Assembly on Friday.

He said the opposition would present its resignations from the assemblies at the appropriate time and with a consensus within the 10-party Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

"Resignations will be presented and a long march will take place," he said, adding that the current "incompetent government" will no longer be able to remain in power. He declared 2021 an election year.

PML-N rules out talks with the government on any topic

Terms of APP's proposal to move no-confidence motion against PM "impracticable" Maryam says government will not be able to change liability laws

In response to a question about the PPP's proposal regarding the use of the no-confidence option against the Prime Minister, Ms Nawaz said that Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari had said that he would explain his proposal to the PDM leadership and that now the matter will be discussed on the platform of the opposition alliance. She declined to discuss reports of PPP involvement in "backdoor diplomacy," saying she did not like to talk about hypotheses.

The vice president of the PML-N, who attended the parliamentary party meeting despite not being a member of parliament, said the PML-N would not allow the government to change accountability laws, adding that current rulers will they would face the same NAB (National Accountability Bureau) that was now in favor of the opposition.

Although the PML-N denied that Ms Nawaz had chaired the meeting, images of the event officially released by the party show her sitting at the center of the main table with the party's senior vice president, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and president Raja Zafarul. Haq in it. left and right. Portraits of the detained party chairman Shehbaz Sharif and the PML-N parliamentary leader in the National Assembly Khawaja Asif were placed in front of the main table.

In her speech, Ms. Nawaz thanked party members for her steadfastness and commitment to her father and the party's supreme leader, Nawaz Sharif.

Later, through her social media account on her Twitter, Ms Nawaz called the party members' support for Nawaz Sharif "phenomenal" and said that the PML-N had truly become a ideological party.

“The party remains committed and united under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif more than ever. The support and resolution were phenomenal. This is new, ideological PML-N Alhamdulillah, ”Ms Nawaz writes with photos of her at the PML-N meeting.

The sources said that more than a dozen parliamentarians spoke at the meeting and, in addition to discussing the political situation, they also discussed some organizational matters. Some of the participants were of the opinion that they should take steps to present the PML-N as a national-level party rather than a Punjab-based entity.

During the meeting, sources said, several participants declared the PPP's motion of no-confidence proposal "impracticable" and the party asked PDM Secretary General Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to discuss the matter with the PPP and PDM leaders.

Sources said that in his speech, Abbasi criticized the Speaker of the National Assembly, Asad Qaiser, and declared him a "partisan" speaker. He told participants that the speaker had objected to Ms. Nawaz's participation in the meeting and even threatened to cancel the committee room allocation.


After the two-hour meeting, the party gave the media a copy of the forceful resolution approved by the PML-N parliamentarians. The resolution was read by PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal during the meeting and endorsed by members.

Through the resolution, the PML-N notes that “the appointments of retired and serving military personnel in the institutions within Pakistan are practically painting a picture of martial law in the country due to the civil bureaucracy in the institutions and the in general they are suffering great restlessness and anxiety ”. This situation, he says, "is also seriously questioning the reputation of the military and will lead to a further widening of the gap between civilians and the military."

The resolution announced full support for PML-N quaid Nawaz Sharif's narrative and the position of principle taken by him. "Nawaz Sharif has not only pointed out the correct reasons for the grave dangers facing the nation, but he also shows that he is a true patriot by presenting these harsh and inconvenient truths to the people," he adds.

Members of the PML-N said in the resolution that Mr. Sharif's narrative of "restoring the sanctity of the vote had become the voice of the entire nation." "In light of its leader's vision, narrative and perception, the party considers the proposed course of action to address these issues to be the right path," they added.

The PML-N leaders said they were willing to sacrifice his body, mind and money and reiterate "our commitment to obey all orders of the Quaid Nawaz Sharif party."

The meeting criticized the unjustified arrest and detention of the party chairman Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz and Khawaja Asif and Syed Khurshid Shah and the reprehensible treatment of the prisoners.

The session declared that the "imposed government" had become a symbol of catastrophe committed to the agenda of demolition of the national economy. They pointed out that businesses and jobs had collapsed and that the process of destroying institutions was now underway.

The PML-N said that Pakistan was fast becoming a "failed state" at home and abroad. On the one hand, national assets were being confiscated and, on the one hand, Pakistan's image was being tainted in the international arena, he added, adding that the responsibility for this "national shame" rests with the "incompetent, thieves and foreigners." . government imposed ”.

The meeting expressed great concern about the economic situation in the country. He called for an investigation into the power outage nationwide.

The PML-N alleged that the Electoral Commission had been impeding the disclosure of the facts of the external financing case for six years, which is regrettable, worrying and reprehensible. The party demanded that all documents related to the case, including 23 secret bank accounts, be made public and that all its proceedings be carried out in public view.

The meeting demanded that cases involving the theft of foreign funds, 23 secret accounts, Malam Jabba, helicopter misuse, BRT, Billion Tree Tsunami, flour and sugar be heard on a daily basis and decisions be made on all these cases.

The meeting condemned the CPEC Authority Bill and its immunity and said that a person facing controversies and accusations of corruption should not be the head of a sensitive project like CPEC as it goes against the national interest.

The meeting also condemned the practice of gagging and strangling the media in the country, robbing them of their constitutional freedom and making it a tool on the government's agenda.

The meeting condemned the decision to reduce the number of places in Punjab's medical colleges and said that the Imran Khan government had also failed miserably in this regard.

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