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Man finds gold coins in Germany, but reward unlikely

 Seeker Guardians? Not always, according to a German court. A man who found gold coins and cash while gardening might walk away empty-handed.

Man finds gold coins in Germany, but reward unlikely

A man who discovered a hoard of gold coins and money in Germany may end up with nothing to show after a German court turned against him on Friday.

In 2016, an employee of a landscaping company was cleaning roots and shrubs in a cemetery in Dinklage, in northwestern Germany, when he found plastic containers with gold and money. The man informed the police of his discovery.

The following day, he and several others found more containers in the vegetation that had already been removed and transported to the landscaping company grounds. In total, they discovered more than 500,000 euros ($ 606,600) in gold and cash. Some of the coins bore the 2016 stamp, indicating that they were recently buried. Later, the city took custody of the treasure. However, officials were unable to locate the original owner.

No treasure, no reward

The landscaping clerk finally decided to sue the city. He argued that he was now the legal owner of the gold and money, since the previous owner had not claimed them for six months after the discovery. The worker also requested financial assistance with his claim.

On Friday, the court rejected his request for help. While the ruling does not explicitly address the property issue, the judges said his lawsuit would have no chance of success.

The containers, according to the court, were not lost, but were intentionally hidden. Therefore, the lost property law would not apply. While German law also allows "treasure" hunters to keep half, the containers were apparently recently buried and could not legally be considered lost treasure.

"As this is not a lost object that the man had found, he is also not entitled to a reward," the court said.

"You can only find what was lost."

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