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Katy Perry: I need to be 'resilient'

 Katy Perry needs to be "tough" to overcome the "levels of life".

Katy Perry: I need to be 'resilient'

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker wrote a song of the same name alongside Tiësto and singer Aitana and she feels that the best way to become resilient in yourself is to "verbalize" it and "energize" it.

In a behind-the-scenes look at his recent Coca-Cola campaign, he said: "To exceed the standards in life, you have to be resilient. I think sometimes when you say 'You are resilient', when you verbalize it, when you energize it, it's when you really get tough. "

Katy recently became a mother and revealed that she has a new appreciation for the hard work mothers do since she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed her daughter Daisy into the world.

She tweeted: "Popular misconception: Being a mother is not a full-time job ... part 2: When a mother finally returns to work (whatever her profession) it is not like they come from months of 'free time'. .. "She comes from a full time job ... from being a mom hehehe ... Part 3: Call your mom and tell her you love and appreciate her and advocate for paid family leave! Part 4. I love my job. (sic) "

Katy is "obsessed" with her little girl and has taken her relationship with Orlando to another level.

A source said: "[Katy] has been amazing with her daughter and is obsessed with her. The couple and her love for each other had grown to a level they hadn't even expected since her daughter's arrival."

Although the couple have been inundated with gifts from loved ones since Daisy's arrival, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of them have only been able to meet the baby through a video call.

The source added: "Since she gave birth, the couple has been inundated with love and kindness.

"Their friends have been sending them gifts and words of encouragement non-stop. And due to COVID-19, the couple FaceTimeed people and showed them Daisy."

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