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200-meter-long tunnel connecting India and Bangladesh found in Assam

The New Nation logo: 200 meter long tunnel connecting India and Bangladesh found in Assam

Indian police found a 200-meter tunnel on the Bangladesh-India border in Assam on Friday.

A man was recently abducted and while rescuing him the police found the tunnel that is supposedly used for infiltration and cattle smuggling.

200-meter-long tunnel connecting India and Bangladesh found in Assam

"We received an FIR regarding a person who was kidnapped across the border, after which we went to the area," said Mayank Kumar, Karimganj (SP) police superintendent, News18 India reports.

"We can only say something about the secret tunnel only after a proper investigation. There are some serious problems in some areas in particular. We have discussed the matter with the BSF and intelligence agencies," he added.

Dilwar Hossain, a resident of Shilua village under the Nilambazar police station in Karimganj, was kidnapped on Sunday, a report in the Anandabazar newspaper reads.

Later, the kidnappers contacted his family from a number in Bangladesh and demanded a ransom of Tk5 lakh. When Dilwar's family agreed to pay, the kidnappers gave some instructions and asked Elimuddin from neighboring Nayagram to bring the money. When the police arrested Elimuddin, they released Dilwar.

After Dilwar's return, the police questioned him and learned of the tunnel.

On Friday, a task force led by the Karimganj district police superintendent carried out an operation in the Balia area. The police found a tunnel there more than 200 meters long.

Karimganj District Police Superintendent Mayank Kumar Jhan said the tunnel location was covered in plants. There was a barbed wire fence over the tunnel.

It looked like a normal hole. According to Dilwar, it looks like a common hole at the end of Sylhet, Bangladesh. The evildoers regularly move down that path.

The BSF was asked to close the Indian part of the tunnel immediately, the SP said. The BSF has already detained several people in the incident and is questioning them, The Home News reports.

As of June 2017, the BSF had seized 249 cattle and contraband items worth Rs 82 lakhs near the border in Meghalaya. The BSF spokesperson had said at the time: "It appeared that the transport of livestock from the interior to the border areas continued unhindered and smuggling was rampant. The spokesperson had also said that the seized cattle were smaller and smuggled through tunnels and, once they reached Bangladesh, fed on fattening drugs.

In May 2018, Karimganj police arrested two Bangladeshi traffickers in the village of Kandi, near the border. According to police, a group of seven smugglers had entered Indian territory after passing through the barbed tunnel, News18 India reports.

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