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Prime Minister asks the army to defend the dignity of the country in the world arena

Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday called on army personnel to prepare in such a way that they can defend the dignity of the country in the world arena.

"Our army personnel have to work at home and abroad. Therefore, they must be efficient in all aspects. And they must always remain vigilant to defend the dignity of the country wherever they go around the world," he said.

The premier was addressing a ceremony as a principal guest virtually from her official residence in Ganabhaban here, marking the 2020 President's Parade of Cadets who faint from the 79th BMA Long Course. The Bangladeshi Army organized the function in the parade ground of the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), Bhatiary, Chattogram.

Mentioning that Bangladesh had achieved victory through a War of Liberation under the leadership of the Father of the Nation, the Prime Minister said: "You (the army personnel) must prepare in such a way that you can move around the world while maintaining the head high. and defend the dignity of the country. "

Saluting the new cadets for being commissioned as officers of the Bangladesh Army at the end of their training course, the Prime Minister said: "I want them to be more successful, efficient and better educated in leadership as the nation can always be proud of your . "

She instructed army personnel, particularly newcomers, to work for the well-being of compatriots, saying: "We want you to always stand by the people and contribute to improving their livelihoods."

In this regard, the prime minister reminded the army personnel that they are the children of the earth and their parents and relatives are among the commoners.

She went on to say "Everyone will benefit if the country develops and peace prevails in the country."

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