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China criticizes Trump, suggests he is behind cyber espionage

China criticizes Trump, suggests he is behind cyber espionage

 The government of China on Monday criticized President Donald Trump's suggestion that Chinese hackers, not Russia, could be behind a cyber espionage campaign against the United States.

Trump scoffed Saturday at claims by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other officials that the Kremlin was behind attempts to spy on federal agencies. Trump, without offering proof, said it "may" be China.

The Foreign Ministry said China opposes cyber espionage and has cracked down on cybercrime.

"The United States has politicized the issue of cybersecurity without conclusive evidence and has continually spread false information and thrown mud at China in an attempt to tarnish China's image," said ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

"We hope that the United States will take a more responsible attitude towards cybersecurity," Wang said.

China is widely considered, along with the United States and Russia, one of the most advanced governments in developing cyber warfare capabilities.

The US government in July accused two Chinese nationals of carrying out long-standing cyber espionage since 2009 with the aim of stealing information on vaccines, weapons and human rights activists against the coronavirus.

Chinese military officers and others have also been indicted since 2014 on US charges of carrying out hacking attacks to steal trade secrets.

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